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76a. Visit the Holocaust Museum

Date Completed: 21 September 2013

This is a difficult museum to take, but a very important one nonetheless. I'm glad I had two very close friends with me when I went. I did a gluebook spread of the museum, mostly because you can't take pictures inside so this would serve as a reminder of the collection's impact on me. I think what I liked most about this museum was that it was clearly trying to inform more than shock. I don't think I need to go back any time soon, but it's good that I did. Everyone should.
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18a. Organize and downsize "tupperware" collection

This happened while I wasn't looking. My husband went through the tupperware collection a few weeks ago, pitched all the stuff we never used or had no lid or whatever, and reorganized the whole thing so you can actually find things - and both drawers still close. So I'm counting this as done even though I didn't technically do anything, because I'm certainly not going to redo his efforts, and it's not exactly "failed" either. I also doubt it'll need to get done again with the next 1001 days because we simply don't get new tupperware that often, especially now that we don't eat lunchmeat regularly.
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97a. Help Six accomplish a thing

Date Completed: 16 August 2013

For [ profile] 6of8's Thing "Visit/photo/snarf Pittsburgh", I made her a snarf map. She said it was quite helpful, and she even promised to remember me in her will. ("I remember you. You were great!")
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9a. Clean out inside of car

Date Completed: 30 August 2013

My husband often doubles as my conscience, and he requested that I spend part of my day off today cleaning out my car. So I did: I threw out all the trash, vacuumed the whole thing, wiped down the frankly gross dashboard, and cleaned the windows. Meanwhile, my husband power-washed the front steps, so it's not like he was just watching me work. He also power-washed the fronts of both cars, but no more because the hose wasn't long enough.

I eat a lot in my car, which is why it gets so gross so fast, so it's good to have someone to remind me to deal with it from time to time.

Thing 62a

Aug. 16th, 2013 05:17 pm
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62a. Send 10 RABCKS

Current Progress: 3/10

RABCK, which I pronounce "rabbick" but some people pronounce "r-back", stands for Random Act of BookCrossing Kindness, and generally means sending someone a book they didn't request. For me, it means I do a wishlist search for a book I have in my hands and PM folks to ask if they're still interested. Not everyone keeps their wishlist up to date.

After catching up on a large number of book reviews, I browsed wishlists and found three folks to send books to: one in Florida, one in Wisconsin, and one in Utah. Interesting journaler distribution: one I bought at the dollar store but didn't read, one I picked up at the convention in Sweden from an Austrian BookCrosser (and recently read), and one that Cookie gave me as a sort-of joke that I ended up listening to on audio. The packages will go in the mail tomorrow.

I'm pretty picky about my RABCKing: I only count books I send via post (so it doesn't count if I give it to a BCinDC person), I only mail domestically, and I only contact people who have been active recently (that is, their bookshelf shows they've released a book, caught a book, or posted in the forums within the last four weeks). And most of the books I read aren't on people's wishlists, whether because it's too obscure or because it's so new (like most of the books I receive for review).

All the same, it's kind of fun to send people presents, so next time I have a fair number of availables I'll have to go browsing again.

Thing 33a

Aug. 14th, 2013 08:42 pm
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33a. Read/listen to 200 books (not counting rereads)

Current Progress: 70/200 (35%)


57. Dragon's Keep by Janet Lee Carey
58. Reader by Erec Stebbins
59. The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells
60. And Another Thing... by Eoin Colfer
61. American Elsewhere by Robert Jackson Bennett
62. The Ghost from the Grand Banks by Arthur C. Clarke
63. Fool Moon by Jim Butcher
64. The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana by Umberto Eco
65. Grave Peril by Jim Butcher
66. Mr. Obvious by James Lileks
67. The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin
68. The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse
69. Gulp by Mary Roach
70. The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 by Sue Townsend
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67a. Eat at 10 new-to-me restaurants

Current Progress: 3/10

Before BrickFair a few weeks ago, my friends and I had lunch at nearby Bob O's. It was standard pub fare, but they served omelets all day so I was all over that. I could eat cheesy eggs all day long.

Verdict: I would eat here again. I don't know that I'd go out of my way to eat here - it was good but not unique - but it's certainly a good place to stop by when you're attending something at the Dulles Expo Center.
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54a. Snarf in 2 states I've never snarfed in before

Date Completed: 23 July 2013

I was on a business trip to California this past week, and managed to get a small amount of snarfage in. My first one was the Camarillo Ranch House, but I got snarfs in Oxnard, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, and Newbury Park. Good times. Wish I'd had more time to really explore the area. Maybe next time.


Thing 67a

Jul. 28th, 2013 01:43 pm
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67a. Eat at 10 new-to-me restaurants

Current Progress: 2/10

Roy Rogers is a decent fast food restaurant. Though we make jokes about Trigger Burgers, both the burger and the fried chicken were fine. I don't think I'd go out of my way to eat at a Roy Rogers, but I won't actively avoid it anymore either.

Jersey Mike's was a sub shop I'd never given much thought to until I saw some folks debating the relative merits of various sub places, including Subway, Firehouse, and Quizno's. There's one fairly close to my house so I decided to give it a try. It was pretty blah. I mean, it wasn't a bad sandwich, but certainly nothing I'd go out of my way to eat.

These two places, while they are major chains, are both in my local area and new to me, so they count. I didn't eat them on the same day, or even in the same month. I simply forgot to post about them.
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89a. Make three Kiva loans

Date Completed: 17 July 2013

I had some Kiva credit lying around so I relent it to Kelsinbubu in Kyrgyzstan and to Sokheng in Cambodia. Both were agricultural in nature: one for cattle, the other for pig feed.
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68a. Attend 5 plays

Current Progress: 2/5

I went to the Kennedy Center in DC with my parents and husband to see Anything Goes. I knew a lot of the music, it being Cole Porter and all, but I'd forgotten a lot of the plot. It's quite funny, and the dancing was incredible. Good times.
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40a. Watch Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex

Date Completed: 17 July 2013

This is quite possibly my husband's favorite anime series of all time, and it is quite good. Basically it's about a Sooper Seekrit government agency called Section 9. They do a lot of undercover work and solve crimes and stuff, but this all takes place in a future where cybernetic implants are commonplace, to the point where several of the main characters have gone "full cyborg" - that is, everything but their brains are artificial, and most people's brains have implants of some sort or another to improve memory or allow for telepathic communication. This puts computer hacking in a whole new light, since now you can hack people's bodies - for example, hacking someone's eyes so they only see a logo where your face should be.

The characters and premise are interesting, the tachikoma are adorable, and the English voice acting is excellent. In short, it's a good show.
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14a. Hang curtains in study

My mom decided she wanted to sew curtains for my study, so over the 4th of July weekend we went fabric shopping and I ended up choosing a cute pastel "turtles and musical notes" pattern. I think they'll be cute.
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12a. Clean out file cabinet

Date Completed: 30 June 2013

I'd planned to do this over Memorial Day weekend, but ended up spending that holiday sick in bed. So I randomly decided to start working on it over the last few days of June. I filled up a large box of paper to be shredded, and the drawers no longer have difficulty opening and closing (due to being so weighted down by their contents). I need to do this more often so it'll be a smaller job each time. After all, I really don't need to keep cable bills from 2008. Really.
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71a. Visit the National Postal Museum

Date Completed: 29 June 2013


I visited here with my friend Six one sweaty morning before a BookCrossing meetup, and we had a grand time. It's a fairly small place, but there's plenty to see and a fair number of hands-on sorts of things, like fake stamp cancelling stations where you can keep the postcard you stamped, and a "make your own stamp collection" kiosk where you got to pick out six stamps from these huge bins and take them home with you. Definitely fun. The emphasis placed on Owney the postal dog is a little weird, given that he's stuffed and on display (as opposed to just photographs or even an animated character), but otherwise it's a fun place to visit.
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33a. Read/listen to 200 books

Current Progress: 61/200 (30.5%)

I'd been holding off on this because I hadn't reviewed a book I read ages and ages ago but I think I'll just skip it and go ahead and post the list of books I've read and reviewed thus far. I'm a few reviews behind so the "current progress" number is higher than the numbered list below, but I'll link to them in the next update.

31. American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
32. We by Yevgeny Zamyatin
33. There Once Lived a Girl Who Seduced Her Sister's Husband, and He Hanged Himself: Love Stories by Ludmilla Petrushevskaya
34. Goblin Quest by Jim C. Hines
35. Blackout by Connie Willis
36. The Futurological Congress by Stanislaw Lem
37. Mrs. T's Bedside Book
38. How to Make Your Man Behave in 21 Days or Less Using the Secrets of Professional Dog Trainers by Karen Salmansohn
39. Thwonk by Joan Bauer
40. Seahorse in the Sky by Edmund Cooper
41. Bad Science by Ben Goldacre
42. Harley Loco by Rayya Elias
43. God's Gift by Lucie Cave
44. Home Protection by
45. The Two Kings by A.J. Jacobs
46. All Clear by Connie Willis
47. Lyra's Oxford by Philip Pullman
48. It's Nothing Personal by Kate O'Reilley
49. Dragons of the Dwarven Depths by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
50. Leave of Absence by Tanya J. Peterson
Outside the Spotlight by Sophie Weeks
52. Movies in Fifteen Minutes by Cleolinda Jones
53. Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean by Justin Somper
54. Incarceron by Catherine Fisher
55. Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld
56. If You Were Here by Jen Lancaster
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44a. Put together Ticket Stub Diary

Date Completed: 8 June 2013

This didn't take long; it's one of those things I just probably never would have gotten around to were it not for this list. I'd gotten all my ticket stubs together quite a while ago, and honestly there weren't that many. I'm not much of a movie ticket saver (though I did discover four from Phantom Menace, which is a pretty terrible movie; Ewan McGregor is a powerful force, y'all), and many of my more recent stubs end up as part of gluebook spreads. Still, it was fun to see some of the old stubs I'd kept from high school - the oldest ticket in the book is from seeing Jesus Christ Superstar in 1993. There may be older stubs floating around in the two bins of my stuff in my parents' attic, but they'll just get stuck in at the end. I'm not going to be a stickler for chronology here, as moving everything around would be a bit of a pain, and I already wrote in the margins of each ticket with the event, date, and city. Several of my older tickets have faded quite a bit so I figured I should write down the info before it's completely illegible.

One last note: this ticket stub diary was a birthday gift from my BookCrossing friend grubsneerg, who is awesome. Just wanted to mention it.
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94a. Say "yes" to something I would not normally do

Date Completed: 4 May 2013

On Facebook, my friend Mary randomly invited me to an Artbomb Party. I had no idea what this meant, only that it was in Baltimore and that Mary and art were somehow involved. I can count on one hand the number of times Mary and I have spent time together in person, and it turned out that she'd be the only person there I'd know, online or otherwise. That's a long way to go to a vaguely themed party where you don't know anybody.

But you know what? I went anyway. And I had a blast. We made art with the intention of installing it publicly at some later date (we were going to do it a couple weeks later but were rained out). It was just so wonderful to sit with a bunch of awesome artsy folks and play with materials until we came up with these beautiful little creations. Mary has an excellent write-up of the event, but in the meantime, here's the photo she took of one of the cork people I made:

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85a. Attend a BookCrossing (Un)Convention

Date Completed: 19 April 2013

Though I was only able to attend for a single day, I had an absolute blast at the 2013 BookCrossing Convention in Gothenburg, Sweden. BookCrossers are the very best people.

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29a. Make a purple color sketchbook

Now that I've finished the green journal, I am free to begin the purple one. Inspired by iHanna, I created a journal entirely of green objects. It was lovely, and I was amazed how not-sick of green I was by the end of it. Last night I went through my ephemera collection, picking out purple clippings. This journal will be much more difficult because purple is so much more scarce - in nature, photographs, and even design. I'm also rather particular about my purple; some colors people call purple I would sooner call blue or pink. But as always, if anyone has any purple things to include in the book, please send it along. I have other sources for purple to go through yet, including my sticker collection, make-up, and bins of crayons and markers. So all is not lost. I just anticipate this one to take a bit longer than the year I spent completing the green one. Which is fine - it's all about the process, after all.

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