Thing 21a

Dec. 10th, 2013 04:08 pm
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21a. Complete 10 ATC swaps on Swap-bot

Current Progress: 2/10

Finally got started on these. I like making ATCs but it can be very tiring at times. I also like to collect them - I have a lovely binder of them that can always use new additions. I wasn't feeling too energetic today but I did manage to make a couple of swaps:

ATC bizarre, wacky, & unique holidays DEC.

ATC Postage stamp collage #2

Thing 11a

Dec. 1st, 2013 04:39 pm
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11a. Deal with postcard collection

I used to collect postcards. I had a wall where I pasted them all up, one by one, covering every available square inch. When I moved to a house I decided not to hang the again, and they ended up in a bag. Even after thinning them there were still way too many. Check it out:

photo (2)photo (3)

So today I went through them all, one by one. There were so many - ones I'd kept from my PostCrossing days, ones from friends and family, ones I'd purchased as souvenirs from places I'd visited. There were also a surprising number of blank ones other people had given me, though I don't know whether they intended for me to send them to other people. Would that be rude? I'm not sure what else to do with blank postcards from places I've never been. For now they sit in a pile on a shelf.

I pitched a bunch of them, saving some of the more interesting stamps for a collection I likewise am not sure what to do with. A few other bits and pieces were put in my ephemera stash. I saved some, almost exclusively from friends and family, and put them back into the bag. I did not fully decide what to do with this mess, but I did pare it down considerably:

photo (4)

So what next? I don't know. For now I'm marking this as "in progress".

Thing 58a

Nov. 30th, 2013 06:22 pm
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58a. Reach 4000 snarfs on Markeroni

As of right now I have snarfed 3302 landmarks. And I still haven't finished logging Antietam or Gettysburg. Not bad.
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56a. Scan/log pre-Markeroni snarfs

Date Completed: 30 November 2013

I scanned in 32 photos dating from 1990 to 2004. Some of them were double snarfs, meaning I logged some 46 markers. Not bad, not bad at all. I even got to add a few new places to my "snarfed in" list: Missouri, Indiana, and England!
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43a. Go 1 month without playing any online puzzles or games (kakuro, Neopets, etc.)

Date Completed: 30 November 2013

Well, I made it. No kakuro for an entire month. I haven't played Neopets in ages so that's less impressive, but I used to play kakuro every single solitary day, so going an entire month is kind of a big thing.

And I only cheated once. :)

Thing 1a

Nov. 24th, 2013 01:11 pm
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1a. Donate blood 5 times

Current progress: 2/5

I arrived at my lung doc appointment 45 minutes early so I decided to donate blood since it was in the same building. I managed to fill the bag in under 5 minutes. I think I startled the phlebotomist. I got this sticker:

I shared this with my Australian friend Pete. His response: "Fair dinkum, you're a bonzer sheila and yer blood's worth bottlin'. Good on yer."
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15a. Clean out plastic shelves on desk

Date Completed: 21 November 2013

These have long been my "why is this crap on my desk it needs a home so it'll go on these shelves" shelves. I'd originally purchased them with the idea that they'd be very transitional, with things living there only a short time while I figured out what to do with them. That, well, that didn't happen. Among the items I found, buried among an obscene number of snarf maps, were the worksheets from the Sine Fine Films production Quatrain, which I helped write back in 2007. I am hoping to once again make these shelves into temporary homes, but we'll see how well that works out. Here are the before and after photos:

photo 1
photo 2
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62a. Send 10 RABCKS

Date Completed: 21 November 2013

Sending off the last three today, to Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Illinois. That last one is technically part of Holiday Gift Giving, but there are three books inside so I'm counting it as a RABCK. It feels so good not only to make others happy but to get those books out of my house! :)

Thing 29a

Nov. 17th, 2013 08:18 am
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29a. Make a purple color sketchbook

At [ profile] 6of8's Project Palooza party yesterday, I managed to make serious headway on this project, completing some 64 pages. Many thanks to my friends for being so enthusiastic about helping me find purple objects.

Thing 62a

Nov. 17th, 2013 08:15 am
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62a. Send 10 RABCKS

Current Progress: 7/10

Another four went out yesterday, to New Hampshire, Florida, Georgia, and Oklahoma. It feels really good to keep books moving like that.
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33a. Read/listen to 200 books (not counting rereads)

Current Progress: 91/200 (45.5%)

I kind of forgot about updating this, so here's another 20 books. Almost halfway!

71. The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell
72. I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak
73. Red Dragon by Thomas Harris
74. The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde
75. Night Film by Marisha Pessl
76. Packing for Mars by Mary Roach
77. The Book of Times by Lesley Alderman
78. The Hand of Osiris by Jim Mastro
79. Native Tongue by Carl Hiaasen
80. The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex
81. BUtterfield 8 by John O'Hara
82. The Man in the Iron Mask by Alexandre Dumas
83. Little Brother by Cory Doctorow
84. Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix
85. Feed by M.T. Anderson
86. French for Cats by Henri de la Barbe
87. XO Orpheus edited by Kate Bernheimer
88. Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
89. Otherworld Tales 2: Demon Invasion by C.T. Markee
90. City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau
91. The De-Textbook by
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According to [ profile] just_the_things, we hit 333 days on the 5th of this month. Let's see how I'm doing, shall we?

Completed: 26
In Progress: 16

Legend: Category [finished/in progress/total]

Personal [0/1/8]
Car and Home [4/1/12]
Art [1/2/7]
Gluebooking [0/3/4]
Reading [0/1/6]
Watching [3/0/5]
Projects [3/1/11]
Markeroni [2/1/8]
BookCrossing [0/2/4]
Local [7/2/17]
Travel [1/0/5]
Misc. [5/2/14]

I'm behind where I ought to be, but I'm not fussed.
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23a. Finish S&R comic

This past Friday I was packing up my bag with plans to work on the S&R comic a bit, only to discover that I couldn't find my materials anywhere. I'd written and storyboarded the whole thing, designed the characters, and even drawn the first few pages, and now it's all gone. I'll keep looking, of course, but until it's found I won't do anything with it. Starting over from scratch is just too disheartening.
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Old 25a. Complete Sketch a Day journal

New 25a. Fill TAD sketchbook

I refer to this as my TAD sketchbook because I first started it during Thing-a-day a few years ago. If I cared about accuracy, I'd call it my face journal, since that's pretty much all I draw in it: faces of people, mostly from magazines, all drawn in simple #2 pencil.

Make no mistake - I am about equally as likely to complete this Thing as I was the previous one. The only reason I changed it is because I made a bunch of progress last Friday only to discover that while it was on my previous 101 list, it wasn't one this one. So I decided to remedy that.
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51a: 2013 project

Date Completed: 10 October 2013

I forgot to post here when I actually finished this, which was actually rather soon after announcing it in the first place. Most of the pages are available for viewing at The Glue Stick Tourist blog.
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22a. Participate in a SketchCrawl

Date completed: 19 October 2013

I attended my very first official sketchcrawl this past Saturday. We started at the Maine Avenue Fish Market, then moved a little way down the shoreline to the Capital Yacht Club.

Drawing objects from a distance is very hard for me; I'm used to drawing still life mere feet away, or even photographs right in front of me. Plein air sketching is a new challenge. So because I have a tendency to over-explain/defend my drawings, I'm just going to present them without comment.

In conclusion: I had a good time and enjoyed the company of the artists very much, even if I felt more than a little bit intimidated when we all shared sketchbooks at lunch. Oh well - everybody has to begin somewhere!
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81a. Visit the Stuart-Mosby Civil War Cavalry Museum

photo (1)

This is pretty much right in my backyard, and while I went to their open house during Centreville Day a few years ago, they didn't have their full collection out yet. So since I'm enjoying some time off courtesy of our incompetent government, I figured I might as well visit it today. And it was nice. The best part about tiny museums like this is that you always get a personal tour. It's not a big place - a single room - but there's quite a bit to see. Not recommended if you're not interested in J.E.B. Stuart or John S. Mosby, because that's pretty much all that's here.

(Thanks to [ profile] 6of8 for accompanying and chauffeuring me.)
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67a. Eat at 10 new-to-me restaurants

Current Progress: 6/10

Blue Water Grille - Some coworkers took me here last week and I totally forgot to mention it here. It was tasty but nothing spectacular. Our waitress was great, though.
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67a. Eat at 10 new-to-me restaurants

Current Progress: 5/10

Sou'Wester - With a name so casual you'd think this would be kind of a dive, but it's actually a fairly upscale restaurant inside the super fancy Mandarin Oriental Hotel in DC. I was there because my friends and I were stranded in the culinary wasteland that is 12th Street and this was pretty much the only thing that Yelp said was open and near by. (Weekend meals in downtown DC can be tricky, as most places are only open Monday through Friday.) Anyway, we went and the burgers were quite tasty, the bread was yummy, and the corn fritters were kind of just weird. Probably not somewhere I'd go again, but it's nice to know it's there. Bonus: across the street is a CVS where I bought a bag of Brite Crawlers. It made my day.

First Watch - I'd never even heard of this apparently national chain of restaurants until my personal trainer encouraged me to go one morning after my workout. She did not lead me astray - the omelet I had was really yummy. Better yet, their motto is, "If eating pancakes for lunch is wrong, then we don't want to be right." That's my kind of place. I'll have to take my husband there sometime.
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76a. Visit the Holocaust Museum

Date Completed: 21 September 2013

This is a difficult museum to take, but a very important one nonetheless. I'm glad I had two very close friends with me when I went. I did a gluebook spread of the museum, mostly because you can't take pictures inside so this would serve as a reminder of the collection's impact on me. I think what I liked most about this museum was that it was clearly trying to inform more than shock. I don't think I need to go back any time soon, but it's good that I did. Everyone should.

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