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44a. Put together Ticket Stub Diary

Date Completed: 8 June 2013

This didn't take long; it's one of those things I just probably never would have gotten around to were it not for this list. I'd gotten all my ticket stubs together quite a while ago, and honestly there weren't that many. I'm not much of a movie ticket saver (though I did discover four from Phantom Menace, which is a pretty terrible movie; Ewan McGregor is a powerful force, y'all), and many of my more recent stubs end up as part of gluebook spreads. Still, it was fun to see some of the old stubs I'd kept from high school - the oldest ticket in the book is from seeing Jesus Christ Superstar in 1993. There may be older stubs floating around in the two bins of my stuff in my parents' attic, but they'll just get stuck in at the end. I'm not going to be a stickler for chronology here, as moving everything around would be a bit of a pain, and I already wrote in the margins of each ticket with the event, date, and city. Several of my older tickets have faded quite a bit so I figured I should write down the info before it's completely illegible.

One last note: this ticket stub diary was a birthday gift from my BookCrossing friend grubsneerg, who is awesome. Just wanted to mention it.
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