Jun. 4th, 2013

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68a. Attend 5 plays

Current Progress: 1/5

Some friends and I attended 33 Variations performed by the Reston Community Players on the 4th of May. It is essentially two stories: one is Beethoven's obsession with finishing his 33 variations of Diabelli's waltz, and the other is a modern-day woman obsessed with finding out what made Beethoven so obsessed, while she deals with rapidly worsening Lou Gehrig's Disease. Center stage at all times is a concert pianist, playing excerpts from the variations now and again. My favorite part was when Beethoven was composing vocally while the pianist reflected his commands with her playing.
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88a. Attend a mailart/letter-writing party

Date Completed: 9 May 2013

On a whim, I drove up to Artisphere in Rosslyn to attend a mail art making session hosted by a lady I know on Twitter. It's kind of stupid that we hadn't met in person before now, but we (unsurprisingly) hit it off. She showed us how to make two kinds of envelopes - one origami and one not - and provided all the tools to make several cards as well. I ended up sending off quite a few pieces of mail this morning, all made last night:

Definitely want to attend another mailart party sometime. This was so fun and inspiring. I also did a Glue Stick Tourist spread on it. Good times!
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74a. Visit Roosevelt Island

Date Completed: 2 June 2013

The walk to Roosevelt Island from Rosslyn Metro station (the closest one) is about a third of a mile, which isn't bad when the humidity isn't, like, a billion. I was most soaked by the time I got there, and no amount of water seemed to help. I imagine it would be a lovely place to wander when the weather is decent.

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82a. Visit the National Aquarium

Date Completed: 2 June 2013

The National Aquarium in DC (as opposed to the awesome one in Baltimore) is one of the biggest ripoffs in town. It's nothing more than a teeny tiny collection of tanks in the basement of the Department of Commerce, and yet it costs $10 in a city of free-admission Smithsonian Museums. But hey, I'm glad I went. It was a fun little outing with friends.

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10a. Deposit my pennies

Date Completed: 26 May 2013

I can't take credit for this one, but I'm still marking it completed, because it is. I was sick Memorial Day weekend, and my husband decided he wanted to empty his rather large jug of change, so I asked him to take my penny cup as well. He had me look up free coin-counting machines and I discovered that CoinStar is free so long as you get the payout in the form of a gift card. So that's what he did, and ended up with nearly $60 in Amazon credit. Not bad!
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29a. Make a purple color sketchbook

Now that I've finished the green journal, I am free to begin the purple one. Inspired by iHanna, I created a journal entirely of green objects. It was lovely, and I was amazed how not-sick of green I was by the end of it. Last night I went through my ephemera collection, picking out purple clippings. This journal will be much more difficult because purple is so much more scarce - in nature, photographs, and even design. I'm also rather particular about my purple; some colors people call purple I would sooner call blue or pink. But as always, if anyone has any purple things to include in the book, please send it along. I have other sources for purple to go through yet, including my sticker collection, make-up, and bins of crayons and markers. So all is not lost. I just anticipate this one to take a bit longer than the year I spent completing the green one. Which is fine - it's all about the process, after all.
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85a. Attend a BookCrossing (Un)Convention

Date Completed: 19 April 2013

Though I was only able to attend for a single day, I had an absolute blast at the 2013 BookCrossing Convention in Gothenburg, Sweden. BookCrossers are the very best people.

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94a. Say "yes" to something I would not normally do

Date Completed: 4 May 2013

On Facebook, my friend Mary randomly invited me to an Artbomb Party. I had no idea what this meant, only that it was in Baltimore and that Mary and art were somehow involved. I can count on one hand the number of times Mary and I have spent time together in person, and it turned out that she'd be the only person there I'd know, online or otherwise. That's a long way to go to a vaguely themed party where you don't know anybody.

But you know what? I went anyway. And I had a blast. We made art with the intention of installing it publicly at some later date (we were going to do it a couple weeks later but were rained out). It was just so wonderful to sit with a bunch of awesome artsy folks and play with materials until we came up with these beautiful little creations. Mary has an excellent write-up of the event, but in the meantime, here's the photo she took of one of the cork people I made:

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