Nov. 12th, 2013

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51a: 2013 project

Date Completed: 10 October 2013

I forgot to post here when I actually finished this, which was actually rather soon after announcing it in the first place. Most of the pages are available for viewing at The Glue Stick Tourist blog.
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Old 25a. Complete Sketch a Day journal

New 25a. Fill TAD sketchbook

I refer to this as my TAD sketchbook because I first started it during Thing-a-day a few years ago. If I cared about accuracy, I'd call it my face journal, since that's pretty much all I draw in it: faces of people, mostly from magazines, all drawn in simple #2 pencil.

Make no mistake - I am about equally as likely to complete this Thing as I was the previous one. The only reason I changed it is because I made a bunch of progress last Friday only to discover that while it was on my previous 101 list, it wasn't one this one. So I decided to remedy that.
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23a. Finish S&R comic

This past Friday I was packing up my bag with plans to work on the S&R comic a bit, only to discover that I couldn't find my materials anywhere. I'd written and storyboarded the whole thing, designed the characters, and even drawn the first few pages, and now it's all gone. I'll keep looking, of course, but until it's found I won't do anything with it. Starting over from scratch is just too disheartening.
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According to [ profile] just_the_things, we hit 333 days on the 5th of this month. Let's see how I'm doing, shall we?

Completed: 26
In Progress: 16

Legend: Category [finished/in progress/total]

Personal [0/1/8]
Car and Home [4/1/12]
Art [1/2/7]
Gluebooking [0/3/4]
Reading [0/1/6]
Watching [3/0/5]
Projects [3/1/11]
Markeroni [2/1/8]
BookCrossing [0/2/4]
Local [7/2/17]
Travel [1/0/5]
Misc. [5/2/14]

I'm behind where I ought to be, but I'm not fussed.

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