Jan. 29th, 2013

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50a. Get ancestry.com account and make family trees for W, C, and M branches of the family

I got the account and had a grand old time entering in data, but now things have kind of stalled. I've decided to skip out on doing the W branch because my grandmother is currently tracing all that back, and considering she lives in the town where most of those folks lived, I'll leave her to it. I have, however, made a fair bit of progress on the M and C branches, which are my husband's side of the family. I've done all I can for the time being, but evidently my father-in-law has some more information that might come in handy. Good times!
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58a. Reach 4000 snarfs on Markeroni

I'm still a few hundred behind on my logs, but as of right now I am at 2723.
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59a. Finish snarfing Fairfax City/County

As of this writing, I have six markers left. Two of them are in Mount vernon, one of them appears to have gone missing, and another is in an unknown location. The last two are in Lorton, roughly twenty miles away. I know there are some that have been direct-logged but not yet put in the catalog, but most of those I've either already snarfed (but not logged, since it's not in the catalog yet) or are also in Lorton.
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64a. Get to 3000 wild releases on BookCrossing

I'm currently at 1815. I've been trying to do more wild releasing in general, but what will really get me to this goal are book festivals.
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93a. Create paperback book of previous 101/1001 journal

I use LJbook to convert my main LJ to a paperback book every year, but it's erroring out on this account. The guy who runs the site said there's some bad HTML in one of my last couple entries. I removed a bunch but there must be something I'm missing. So I'm still working on it.
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89a. Make three Kiva loans

Current Progress: 1/3

I contributed to the loan to Satymkan in Kyrgyzstan so she can buy some sheep.

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